The Latest Eyelash Extension Trends: What's Hot Right Now

Aug. 4th,2023

1.Classic and Hybrid Sets

While big and fluffy lashes had their moment, it seems that the trend is shifting towards more natural looks. Classic and hybrid sets are gaining popularity as clients seek to enhance and accentuate their natural eyes. In 2023, these sets accounted for over 40% of the total lash extension services at our salons.

2.Angel (Wet) Sets

An emerging style, the angel set technique combines classic application with delicate volume spikes. This set creates a dark lash line without adding weight to your natural lashes, resulting in a super textured look. Versatile and suitable for almost every client, angel sets are on the rise, comprising over 15% of total services in 2023. Not all lash salons offer this service, so be sure to research and find a salon that specializes in this technique.

3.Anime (Manga) Style

The anime style is gaining popularity rapidly, characterized by shorter base lashes and longer spikes. This look gives your eyes a playful and animated appearance, reminiscent of anime characters. The demand for this style has grown so much that lash artists are now frequently asked to create the anime set. If you're interested in trying out this trend, ensure you find a salon that offers it, and at our salon, you can book it under hybrid sets!

4.Wispy Style

Wispy lashes are becoming a favorite among clients, as they offer a more textured and natural look. In contrast to uniform lashes, where the length remains the same throughout sections of the eye, the wispy style alternates the lengths of lash extensions. This approach creates a beautiful and dimensional effect. Many clients are now opting for this soft and wispy look, making it one of the top trends in 2023.

At Yunhai Lash, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the latest lash trends. We offer all of these trendy services and more! Book now to experience the difference and stay ahead in the world of lash extensions.