How to Choose the Right Curl for Your Eyelash Extensions

Jul. 31st,2023

C Curl: The Common Curl

The C curl is a popular choice known for its short, straight base that transitions into a soft curl at the end. It delivers an ultra-natural look that suits practically everyone. This curl adds emphasis without being overly dramatic, making it ideal for most eye shapes. It particularly flatters almond or upturned eyes.

CC Curl: The Mature Sister

The CC curl shares a similar base with the C curl, but it flairs up more, providing a fresh and awake appearance while maintaining a natural look. Like the C curl, the CC curl complements various eye shapes.

D Curl: Drama and Lift

For clients seeking drama and lift, the D curl is the perfect choice. It offers a more dramatic lift and achieves a doll-like look, making it great for lifting stubborn lashes.

L Curl: Specialty Curl for Hooded Eyes

The L curl is one of our specialty curls, named for its straight base and dramatic lift resembling the letter "L." It is commonly used on hooded or monolid eyes, giving the appearance of more open and lifted eyes.

M Curl: Another Specialty Curl for Enhanced Eyes

The M curl features a soft bend at the base, not perfectly straight like the L curl. It works well on hooded or monolid eyes and is also suitable for deep-set eyes due to its extended base.

Less-Common Curl Types

While these five curls are the most common, there are other lash curl types like I, J, B, L+, etc. that are less commonly used and may not be readily available from most suppliers.

Tips for Choosing the Right Curl Type

As lash artists, understanding eye shapes and your client's desired look is crucial in selecting the appropriate curl type.

Learn the Eye Shapes: Familiarize yourself with the 10 different eye shapes, such as almond, round, downturned, upturned, protruding, deep-set, wide-set, close-set, hooded, and monolid. Understanding how lashes can emphasize natural features will guide you in choosing the right curl type for each client.

Understand Your Client's Desired Look: During a consultation with a new client, inquire about their desired look to determine the most suitable curl type. For clients seeking larger-looking eyes, a more dramatic curl might be preferred, while those desiring a natural look would benefit from curls like C.

Mixing Curls: If your client desires a layered, textured look, consider using sister curls—curls that are next to each other—for a seamless appearance. For example, mix CC, C, and D curls together for a trendy multi-curl effect.

At YUNHAI Lash, we're happy to assist you in finding the perfect lash curl for your clients. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or explore our must-have products for lash extension supplies. Mastering lash curl selection will elevate your artistry and leave your clients with stunning, customized lash looks.