How to Maintain Your Eyelash Extensions While Traveling

Aug. 18th,2023

Prioritize Your Pre-Trip Fill

The last thing you want is to worry about sparse lashes during your trip. Schedule a fill a day or two before departure to maintain that full look. This ensures you won't return to find your lashes in need of a complete makeover. It's a time and money saver!

Remember Your Lash Cleanser and Brush

Different climates can affect your skin, including your lashes. To maintain their cleanliness and retention, make sure you cleanse your face and lashes daily. This helps prevent dry skin and particles from impacting your lash health, keeping them in top shape.

Pack Your Silk Pillowcase

Did you know that a silk pillowcase can work wonders for lash retention? It's true! Sleeping on silk reduces friction, which means fewer lashes left behind on your pillow. A silk pillowcase also helps with hair static. So, be sure to pack it to ensure your lashes stay put.

Dive into the Pool, worry-free!

Chlorine can be a concern for lash extensions. But fret not! After your pool or hot tub session, gently cleanse your lashes to remove any chemicals. Avoid harsh rubbing, and your lashes will remain safe and sound.

Wherever your travel takes you, use these tips to keep your lash extensions looking stunning and luscious. Have an amazing trip, and let these tips ensure your lashes stay as fantastic as your adventure!