How to Find a Professional Eyelash Extension Artist Near You

Jul. 12th,2023

Conduct thorough research: Start by finding lash artists in your area whom you can trust and build a long-term relationship with. Use hashtags on platforms like Instagram or Facebook to discover local artists and browse their work.

Look for reviews: Read reviews from multiple sources to get an idea of the artist's reputation and how they handle customer feedback. Pay attention to how they address any negative reviews and their willingness to resolve issues.

Examine their work: Browse through their portfolio or social media profiles to assess their skills. Look for pictures that showcase the artist's own work, as opposed to stock images. Pay attention to the quality of the lash extensions and the precision of their application.

Evaluate their social media presence: Check their social media profiles to gauge their professionalism, quality of posts, and client interactions. A reputable lash artist should have an online presence and showcase their work, promotions, and personal touch.

Make a phone call: Reach out to the artists you're considering and observe their professionalism and responsiveness. Prompt and attentive communication is crucial. If an artist fails to respond within 24 hours, consider exploring other options.

During the phone call, ask the following questions:

How long have you been licensed? A licensed professional demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and adhering to industry standards.

What certifications do you have? A lash artist who continuously seeks education and training shows dedication to their craft and staying updated on the latest techniques.

What brand of products do you use? Inquire about the products they use and why they prefer them. Their knowledge and willingness to share information demonstrate their expertise.

What is your availability? Skilled artists are often in high demand and may have limited availability. Ensure their schedule aligns with your needs.

Consider new artists: Don't dismiss newer artists. They may offer discounted rates and provide an opportunity to be a model during their training. Verify that they are associated with reputable training programs and have a track record of producing competent graduates.

Don't let price deter you: The cost of eyelash extensions can vary depending on the experience and skill level of the artist. Newer artists may charge lower prices, while more experienced artists may command higher fees. Keep in mind that quality and expertise often come at a higher price. Adjust your expectations accordingly and prioritize the artist's skills and reputation over the cost.

Finding the right lash artist may take some time and research, but the investment is well worth it. Once you've identified a skilled and reliable artist, you can enjoy beautiful lash extensions and a trusted professional who consistently delivers exceptional results.